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Anonymous said: Will sign ups reopen? I'm turning 18 in October :x

Absolutely! I plan on more than one round!

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oh goodness that’s lovely



oh goodness that’s lovely

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What is the pagan pen pal project?

Have you ever wanted to discuss magic and practice in depth with another pagan? Do you miss the thrill of sending and receiving letters the old fashioned way?

At the Pagan penpal project our aim is to connect magical types of all persuasions for long letters, short missives and pagan postcards, so if you want to talk about magical practice, divination, toolmaking or living the magical life then please sign up!

We hope to match people based on their interests and preferences so don’t worry if you are a chaos mage, a traditional witch or a rootworker we hope to find a pen pal for you.

Who runs it?

Me! Oh, um, hi! I’m Raheli of the Everyday Magic Podcast (www.everydaymagicpodcast.com) and I like my penpals but I found a lot of new penpals would open their intro letters with”Hi I’m Soandso and I’m christian” I really wanted somepen pals of a more magicalpersuasion and I figured I wasn’t alone so I set up the Pagan Pen Pal Project.

Who sends first?

You should both send a letter after you get your match-up.

Will I get a letter?

I can’t make any guarantees but we match you up with people who sign up for the project so the intent is that you will get a letter.

Is my info private?

Me and your intended pen pal are the only people who will see it. (aside from t he part that is only for me).

What do I write about?

I’ll post some letter writing tips soon.

How much is postage?

Contact your localpost office

Do I have to pay to join?

No this is a free project

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Is it just me who sometimes wonders what it’d be like to start fresh? Delete Facebook, Twitter, anything that keeps you tied to people you know. Get a new phone number, move to a new town, leave everything and everyone behind. Sometimes I feel like it could be easier, but then I snap back into reality and realize that doesn’t work because there’s too much to forget.

I did this.

Left everyone behind.

You can’t leave yourself behind though. Your head comes back to jump you when you least expect it and you have to work through that shit before it destroys you.

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So many fantastic responses to the Pagan Pen Pal Project already - I wish *I* could write to you all myself!

Text 23 Jul Ask me anything!

Pagan pen pal project related or just Magic related - I’ll answer!

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I’m looking to follow any blogs that are:

  • Hippy/Bohemian
  • New Age/Spiritual/Witchcraft
  • Colorful
  • Inspirational
  • Nature-based

Please reblog so I can follow you!

Link 23 Jul 24 notes Two Feet Past the Hedge: Making Friends in the Witchcraft Community»


I keep seeing posts about finding and making friends with people who have similar beliefs as you in the community and I have to admit it kind of grinds my gears. Of course you should make friends with similar beliefs as you, but this logic citing that you can only be friends with people who…

I love this - I feel the point is that we are all different but common bonds mean we can be friends! this is why i created the pagan pen pal project in the first place! to broaden the circle we can discuss our craft with.

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